Cocoa powder (Organic)  105p/100g

Baking powder Gluten Free  66p/100g

Cornflour  29p/100g

Caster sugar  19p/100g

Granulated sugar  19p/100g

Demerara sugar 30p/100g

Coconut palm sugar (organic) 70p/100g

Light muscovado sugar 63p/100g

Icing sugar  22p/100g

White couverture buttons (Vegan)195p/100g

Desiccated coconut  80p/100g

Coconut chips (raw)  94p/100g

Ground almonds  169p/100g

Flaked almonds  185p/100g

Bicarbonate of soda  27p/100g

Fine sea salt  22p/100g

Coarse sea salt  24p/100g

Citric acid  61p/100g

Plain flour (Organic)  18p/100g

Self-raising flour (Organic)  18p/100g

Strong white bread flour (Organic)  17p/100g

We also sell a range of Doves free from gluten bagged flours, including white or brown bread flour, plain and self-raising flour, gram flour and rice flour plus coconut flour


Jumbo oats (Organic)  25p/100g

Jumbo oats  14p/100g

Jumbo oats Gluten Free (Organic)  36p/100g

Porridge oats (Organic)  25p/100g

Porridge oats   14p/100g

Branflakes unsweetened (Organic)  75p/100g

Muesli deluxe (Organic)  52p/100g

Rice Krispies (Kellogs)  75p/100g

Corn flakes (Kellogs)  65p/100g

Granola oat and coconut  42p/100g

Granola (Organic)  70p/100g

Dried Fruit

Raisins  56p/100g

Sultanas (Organic) 74p/100g

Currants  71p/100g

Mixed peel 38p/100g

Apricots  74p/100g

Mango strips (organic) £2.00/100g

Cranberries (sugar sweetened)  99p/100g

Dried apple rings  150p/100g

Banana chips  72p/100g

Dates  33p/100g

Sweets and snacks

Popping corn (organic) 25p/100g

Bombay mix Mild  50p/100g

Bombay mix Hot  50p/100g

Spicy chick peas  50p/100g

Milk & Dark chocolate brazils  115p/100g

Chocolate flavour coated raisins 85p/100g

Yoghurt coated raisins 85p/100g

Crystalised ginger (Organic) 98p/100g

Fruit and nut mix (Organic) 165p/100g

Chocolate drops - milk 125p/100g

Chocolate drops - dark (Vegan) 125p/100g

Chocolate drops - white 175p/100g

The Fizzies - fizzy sour mix (Vegan) 99p/100g

The Gummies mix (Vegan) 99p/100g

The Fizzies (Gluten Free) (Vegan) 99p/100g

Liquorice Comfits 70p/100g

Chocolate mini eggs 1.25/100g


Plus a large selection of Montezuma chocolate bars and Tony's Chocolonely bars all in recyclable packaging.

Plastic free Easter Eggs now in stock.


Loose leaf Teas, Coffee Beans & hot drinks

Teacaf Decaffeinated tea 545p/100g

Earl Grey tea545p/100g

Breakfast blend tea435p/100g

Simply Red Bush tea545p/100g

Assam tea435p/100g

Chamomile Smile tea1450p/100g

Yunnan green tea545p/100g

Mac and Me 'Three Years Late' blend coffee beans £2.75/100g

Mac and Me Decaffeinated coffee beans £3.50/100g

Montezuma Dark drinking chocolate £1.95/100g

We also carry a range of accessories for your loose leaf tea

experience including glass teapots, stainless steel infusers

and organic cotton reusable teabags.

Nuts and Seeds

Cashews whole (organic) 189p/100g

Walnut halves 155p/100g


Pine nuts (Organic)489p/100g


Pecan pieces extra large299p/100g

Brazil nuts (Organic)155p/100g

Peanuts (Organic)55p/100g

Macadamia nuts £3.43/100g

Mixed nuts £1.60/100g

Hemp seeds hulled (Organic) £1.45/100g

Sunflower seeds (Organic)53p/100g

Pumpkin seeds (Organic)99p/100g

Chia seeds 89p/100g

Golden linseeds (flax seeds) (Organic) 45p/100g

Sesame seeds white (Organic) 67p/100g

Poppy seeds (Organic) 142p/100g


White basmati rice 37p/100g

White long grain rice (Organic) 35p/100g

Brown long grain rice (Organic) 37p/100g

Arborio rice (Superfino)  30p/100g

Jasmine Rice (Organic) 46p/100g

Pudding rice 33p/100g


Lasagne sheets (Organic)  55p/100g

Corn and rice penne Gluten Free (Organic) 60p/100g

Wholewheat penne (Organic)  38p/100g

Penne (Organic)  38p/100g

Wholewheat fusilli 30p/100g

Wholewheat spaghetti 32p/100g

Spaghetti  20p/100g

Linguine 25p/100g

Orzo pasta (Organic)  38p/100g

Rigatoni  24p/100g

Penne   20p/100g

Fusilli  24p/100g

Macaroni 24p/100g

Grains and Pulses

Chick peas25p/100g

Red split lentils (Organic)39p/100g

Puy lentils (dark green) (Organic)36p/100g

Black eye beans46p/100g

Red kidney beans (Organic)49p/100g

Cous cous white (Organic)29p/100g

Cous cous whole wheat (Organic)29p/100g

Quinoa UK grown 67p/100g

Pearl Barley18p/100g

Bulgur wheat 33p/100g

Herbs and Spices


Bay leaves.44/10g

Black peppercorns .30/10g

Cardamom pods 85p/10g

Chilli flakes.37/10g

Ground cinnamon.37/10g

Cinnamon sticks.60/10g


Ground coriander.18/10g

Coriander seeds.20/10g

Ground cumin.25/10g

Cumin seeds.25/10g

Curry powder.22/10g

Fennel seeds.20/10g

Garam masala.28/10g

Ground ginger.28/10g

Italian seasoning.30/10g


Mixed herbs.30/10g

Mustards seeds (yellow).17/10g

Ground nutmeg.17/10g






Smoked paprika.35/10g

Star anise.50/10g




Black onion (Nigella) seeds.30/10g

Chinese 5 spice.29/10g


Fajita spice mix (cajun).40/10g

Cayenne pepper.24/10g

Mixed spice.30/10g

Curry leaves1.20/10g

Celery salt.33/10g

Chilli powder.24/10g

Mustard seeds (brown).19/10g


Honest Toil extra virgin olive oil £1.30/100g


Hair and Body

SESI Hand soap English Rose 55p/100g

Fill Hand Soap Fig Leaf 38p/100g

SESI Hand rub sanitizer 195p/100g

Ecoleaf Hand soap Grapefruit 40p/100g

Faith in Nature Conditioner Various 115p/100g

Faith in Nature Shampoo Various 115p/100g

Faith in Nature Body Wash Various 115p/100g

Alter/Native Shampoo Coconut/Argan oil 85p/100g

Alter/Native Conditioner Coconut/Argan 85p/100g

Alter/Native Body wash Coconut/Argan oil 85p/100g

SESI Bath, shower, hands 55p/100g

SESI Castile soap organic 85p/100g

SESI hand and body lotion £1.25/100g


Plus an extensive range of solid shampoo and conditioner bars,

natural soaps and beauty products - pop in store to browse

our selection including reusable make up wipes,

wooden hairbrushes, beard shampoos and oils, cleansers.

toners and moisturizers -all sustainably sourced and many

made locally.


SESI Laundry liquid with fragrance (Bio) 42p/100g

SESI Laundry liquid (Non bio) 30p/100g

SESI Fabric condition with fragrance 23p/100g

SESI Laundry powder non-bio 48p/100g

Fill Laundry liquid non-bio Neroli 50p/100g

Fill fabric conditioner Neroli 26p/100g


SESI Toilet cleaner 30p/100g

SESI Window and glass cleaner Seagrass & Lotus 18p/100g

SESI White vinegar for cleaning 15p/100g

Fill all purpose cleaner Honeysuckle 28p/100g

Fill floor cleaner Bergamot 28p/100g

Fill bathroom cleaner Eucalyptus 28p/100g

Washing up liquid Ginger 28p/100g

Fill kitchen cleaner Grapefruit 26p/100g

SESI hard water rinse aid 43p/100g

BioD vegan washing up liquid Grapefruit 33p/100g

BioD All Purpose sanitizer 24p/100g

Dishwasher salt 20p/100g

Toilet bombs 35p each

We also stock a choice of ethical household swaps including

washing up bars and brushes, natural and reusable sponges and

cloths along with recycled aluminium foil and sustainably

packaged and sourced baking parchment -

come and visit to see the full range.

SESI and Fill are both run as circular businesses who take

back their empty 20l drums to be cleaned, refilled and

sent back to us full.

Product list and price guide

Please note - this is to be used as a guide only, as prices can fluctuate with each delivery we receive. 

Please check prices in store when you visit. 

Some product specifications will also change with availability.  Thank you.