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Moving towards a Zero Waste way of living

Why Zero Waste

Why Zero Waste?

Zero waste is a goal that is ethical, economical, efficient and visionary.  It is also achievable.  If we all try to make small changes to our lifestyles and practices, including using less single use packaging and products, we can start our collective journey towards a more sustainable future, reducing the need for recycling and waste going to landfill and our oceans.  Shopping in your local, independent Zero Waste store is also fun, sociable and will contribute towards a sense of community.

It Works

It's very simple and with a little planning, you can easily make the change.  Just bring in your empty container for refilling or purchase our re-useable cotton bags or glass jars.  In store you can weigh your container, fill, weigh again and label for us to charge at the till. We will always be on hand to help you or fill your containers for you if you prefer. 

We also stock a range of plastic free and ethically sourced household and beauty items plus sustainable toys and gifts.

Easy ways to

minimise your waste

David Attenborough's message is 'Live the way you want to live, but just don't waste'

It's so easy, without major changes:

  • Ditch the plastic bags and always take your own reusable bags

  • Start relying on reusable containers

  • Stop using disposable cups, plates, cutlery

  • Repair rather than discard

  • Only buy what you need - from food to toiletries to clothes

  • Make a meal plan and try cooking more meals from scratch

  • The list is endless - let us know your best tips

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