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Our philosophy

Used Plastic Bottle on Beach

So, it's not just about the plastic

I might get a bit carried away here! We've always embraced recycling and assumed we were doing our bit, but the ocean plastic images, combined with the realisation that kerbside recycling bags from Essex have ended up dumped in Malaysia, prompted a serious re-think.  A year later and we, as a family, have made gradual small changes to dramatically reduce our waste.

It seemed impossible at first.  How can you reduce your plastic use when you have to get your food home from the supermarket?  That was the first step.  Buy less from the over-packaged supermarkets.  At first I didn't think I had time in our busy lifestyle, but with only minimal planning we now mainly shop from independents, who offer unpackaged goods. Not only did we save on packaging, but the goods we purchased were natural and responsibly sourced, By combining food shopping with other trips out, we found that no extra time was needed and what started out as a mission to buy less plastic packaging became a lesson in becoming less of a consumer, buying local produce that is invariably fresher and tastier, getting to know the retailers we are buying from and supporting our local community.  

We enjoyed our journey so much, we wanted to make it easy for others to follow suit and @refillchelmsford was born.

Ethical, local, organic, vegan and cruelty-free products

By sourcing produce as an independent, we have been able to go direct to co-operatives and local producers who are supporting a zero-waste environment.  For example our 20 litre drums of household liquids are taken back by the supplier to be washed and re-used, creating a circular economy.

Buy only as much

as you need and use what you already have

Reduce food waste by planning meals ahead that use fresh produce.  

Also use toiletries that you already have; maybe you've been given a gift that isn't your preferred brand?  Make the decision to use them up and you'll save money and         de-clutter at the same time!

We have one planet.

Let's love and respect it



You already know where we're going with this or you wouldn't be on our website!  Let's all make our little bit of difference.

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